The intricacies of the progressive online jackpot

    All gamers who go to the casinos probably know that all slot machines and progressive slots have an online progressive jackpot which increases gradually as a player plays its game. These may be the machines where the jackpot increases on only that machine (these are called standalone devices), or they may be the networks of few machines, where the jackpot increases on the whole system (across it). They may be proprietary to the casino itself, but they may also be networked across few casinos.


     The example of the game which is networked over few casinos is Megabucks (it’s by IGT). A tiny percent of every single bet represents these games which seem to fuel each jackpot, and in this way, the jackpots on those games can become much larger than the ones on other slot games. Now let’s say something about the jackpot meters.

    This is something that each progressive slot has, and it shows the current prize value to the gamers. The jackpot meter is most of the time large, colored nicely and brightly, and located over the slot machine. If a person plunks its coins into the slot, you will be able to see the size of that jackpot increase. Online slot machines also have their jackpot meters, and you will see them inside of the casino software. These meters are also available on the different informational sites which promote these sorts of casinos and games.

    If you want to play a progressive game with an online progressive pokies jackpot, there is something that you should keep in mind. You must make the maximum bet if you want to be qualified for winning. This is not always highly recommended (you shouldn’t play your maximum coins on every slot machine), but also make sure you do not play a progressive game if you do not want to make the maximum bet. If you have already played this game, you presumably know what it feels like when you win that jackpot, but get a small payout as you did not make the maximum bet.

     When someone mentions an online progressive jackpot, most people think of Megabucks. But, the truth is that it is not the only thing we can talk about to cover this topic. So, Megabucks is a name which is given to few lottery games but is much more commonly found as the name of a particular slot games network (actually it is the most popular progressive area all over the world). It is an IGT product.

    You should know that these jackpots are not only limited to the games on the slot machines. You can commonly find them on the machines for video poker, and table games usually offer the progressive jackpots as well. Some of them offer large, growing steadily, side bets jackpots. You may even find the blackjack games with this prize available as well. The most popular ones come from Microgaming. These types of games are found all around the world.

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