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    You should know that these jackpots are not only limited to the games on the slot machines.
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    Humans loved gambling for ages now; there is evidence of civilizations enjoying dice and similar games for millenniums.

Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

Gambling is old as a human history, and it is in our DNA to make risky movesames. So let’s draw the line between a good and bad side of this most passionate game. We all know someone who has a problem with gambling and debts, but also, people that they are enjoying and making decent money from it. If you are interested in gambling, it is important to reject skeptical attitude about losing. Also, it is important to know that if you want to gamble you need to have patience and time. We will write you pros and cons of the gambling, and it’s on you to decide if you want to play it.


Social-Casino-Featured-ImageThe good thing about gambling is that it’s all up to you, how you approach, how much you choose to spend, and how much you are ready to lose. The greatest advantage is that now you have online casino, and that means that you can limit how much you want to play, and you can play anytime you want from your home on your computer or phone. Best thing to start with is roulette, because is simple and fun, and the odds are 50/50. This game is for all kind of people, and you can play 10 minutes or 10 hours. Like we said it’s all up to you how much money and time you have to spend. This game is good for people that have time, and that can play few hours daily. You can bet small amounts of money on red, black, odd or even. You can make decent money and after that, you need to keep up with that style of playing. If you start to play bigger bets, all your efforts will fall apart. So you have to keep that in mind all the times. Other casino games we don’t recommend, because they don’t bring profit so easily.



We all know some of the bad sides of gambling, people that lost everything because they became addicted to this game. So the first thing you need to know that gambling is not for everyone, especially for those who don’t have nerves and patience. When gamblers begin to lose, they start asking for a loan. When people deny to give them loans, they usually turn to crime as a mean for acquiring money. It is important to approach carefully when it comes to gamble because one way or another everyone can fall into this trap. But all this does not apply for those who have a strong self-control. The biggest problem is when gamblers become addicted they have an illusion that they can’t stop playing. They keep playing, borrowing money, stealing, do everything they can to stay in the game.

At the end, we come to a conclusion that like everything in this life gambling have good and bad side of the medal.

The intricacies of the progressive online jackpot

    All gamers who go to the casinos probably know that all slot machines and progressive slots have an online progressive jackpot which increases gradually as a player plays its game. These may be the machines where the jackpot increases on only that machine (these are called standalone devices), or they may be the networks of few machines, where the jackpot increases on the whole system (across it). They may be proprietary to the casino itself, but they may also be networked across few casinos.


     The example of the game which is networked over few casinos is Megabucks (it’s by IGT). A tiny percent of every single bet represents these games which seem to fuel each jackpot, and in this way, the jackpots on those games can become much larger than the ones on other slot games. Now let’s say something about the jackpot meters.

    This is something that each progressive slot has, and it shows the current prize value to the gamers. The jackpot meter is most of the time large, colored nicely and brightly, and located over the slot machine. If a person plunks its coins into the slot, you will be able to see the size of that jackpot increase. Online slot machines also have their jackpot meters, and you will see them inside of the casino software. These meters are also available on the different informational sites which promote these sorts of casinos and games.

    If you want to play a progressive game with an online progressive pokies jackpot, there is something that you should keep in mind. You must make the maximum bet if you want to be qualified for winning. This is not always highly recommended (you shouldn’t play your maximum coins on every slot machine), but also make sure you do not play a progressive game if you do not want to make the maximum bet. If you have already played this game, you presumably know what it feels like when you win that jackpot, but get a small payout as you did not make the maximum bet.

     When someone mentions an online progressive jackpot, most people think of Megabucks. But, the truth is that it is not the only thing we can talk about to cover this topic. So, Megabucks is a name which is given to few lottery games but is much more commonly found as the name of a particular slot games network (actually it is the most popular progressive area all over the world). It is an IGT product.

    You should know that these jackpots are not only limited to the games on the slot machines. You can commonly find them on the machines for video poker, and table games usually offer the progressive jackpots as well. Some of them offer large, growing steadily, side bets jackpots. You may even find the blackjack games with this prize available as well. The most popular ones come from Microgaming. These types of games are found all around the world.

Different sites on which you can enjoy mobile pokies

Finding an excellent pokies game isn’t that hard, you only do a search on the best developers, and there you have. On the other hand, finding a good provider for these games is not as easy as that.

Hundreds of mobile pokies providers exist, and each and every one of them requires some form of login. Some opt for downloadable platform while others use flash program integrated into the browser. Now, playing pokies for free, without any real investment is easy as you don’t have to deal with money transfer and the regularity of the provider. Playing online slot machines (pokies) with real money, on the other hand, is a more complicated thing to set up. Many providers have unreasonable playing conditions that hurt the player. Others scam people foolish enough to invest money into their site (software).

In reality, it isn’t hard to find good providers for pokies, if you know how to look for them. The best way to find a good provider is to either find sites that work under the wing of the real casino or sites that get support from major pokies developers. Following those parameters we can, safely, give you a list of good online casino places where you can enjoy in pokies and earn some money as well.

It’s safe to say that Australians have the best online casino sites on which you can play pokies. Ruby Fortune Casino is one of those casinos. This casino falls into the casino group powered by a pokies developer. In this case, it is the Microgaming, the best pokies developer in last seven years. The casino is available in any browser you have, no matter whether you play on the PC or a mobile device. Instant access is available for people that want to play with the virtual cash, while a short signup is required for those that opt for real money gambling.

This casino has over 400 games for a player to try. To start playing those games, you will have to download the software and signup (for real money gambling). Every new player gets 750 Australian dollars for free (but be careful that bonus carries some requirements so read the terms and conditions).

pesssThe other big casino that you should consider is the Casino Mate. People that love jumping from game to game will appreciate the offer Casino Mate provides. Apart from hundreds of pokies this casino also features live games as well as a plethora of card games. The latest additions to this casino are newly created video pokies that contain cut scenes and a form of storytelling. Some of those pokies come with 3D technology, and some don’t so it is up to you to choose which one you will play.

Casino Mate has one of the highest welcome bonuses on the market (1400 dollars). The conditions on this bonus are same as with any other welcome bonus. You have to gamble with 30 times the amount of the premium to cash it out.

Best Tips for Casino Games

Playing games like poker, black jack, or even slot machine games in Casinos has its advantage. But why should you go to the casino to play these games when you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Now you can play casino games on your phone or desktop. You won’t have to dress up and follow a specific dress code to enter a casino in order to play the game. You can sit back and relax in your room while browsing the list of casino games available for play.

Tips for novice gamblers.

When it comes to online gambling, there are a couple of steps you need to follow in order to become an eligible player. These steps include downloading the game, on your phone or computer, creating an account and registering the account. Once you do this, you are free to play and start making money on online poker machines the same way you would in a casino. Now you can try your tactics and strategies that you improved over years, and the best thing about playing online is that the work the same way they do in actual casinos.

Strategies and techniques.

If you are the kind of player who likes to stick to one game like a black jack in particular, then you must know all the rules in order to play it out to the best of your abilities. Luck isn’t everything and sometimes you will have to show some cojones in your play. When playing black jack, you need to know when to stop and take your chances with the set of card that you currently have in your deck. Dealer’s cards are unknown to you, so until you choose to show your cards, you won’t know what he has. That is the key in this game you have to risk unless you count cards.

Counting Cards in Black Jack.

Counting cards in online games are the same as counting them in real games in casinos. The thing is that you have to keep track of the cards while you play them, and this proves to be rather challenging for most players. To keep track of the whole deck of cards available in the game, you need to focus on the game and nothing else. The current game that you are playing should be your whole universe, everything and anything that goes in your head at that moment should be about cards. Once you master this technique, you can easily anticipate dealer’s next move. This will naturally give you an advantage of safe bets, because knowing what’s the next card dictates you play.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about playing casino games online you can step in any room and dominate by implementing your techniques. Professional gamblers are making a fortune by playing online poker and other casino games from their home, and your future shouldn’t be any different. So go ahead and download the app to start making money without breaking a sweat.

A revolution in Slot Machines

Everybody’s got to have a hobby, I mean, what’s the point of living if you don’t spend at least some amount of your time doing what you love?
Hobbies can vary greatly from person to person. They can include anything from collecting postal marks to playing with small train models.
The problem, though, with many hobbies, is that they can be inaccessible from time to time, or they can cost a lot of money, but as time goes on, most things improve and so do your hobbies. For example, if you are in love with slot machines you know all about its problems.
First of all, you have to leave your home and go into a casino which can be pretty far from where you live. Your favorite slot machine can be unavailable at the time you go there, and since you have only a small amount of time to spare, you won’t get to play today at all. Furthermore, the thing can be broken; you can have bad service, rigged game and so on and so on. Not to mention the amount of money you might spend on your hobby, but of course, if the thing you love most about slot machines is to gamble you will still need to pay for gas, parking, a drink and so on. It all adds up to a huge amount of problems which are all OBLITERATED with this new method. Mobile Pokies (Pokies – Australian term for Slot Machines) are a thing now.

It works so amazingly well, and you will be able to enjoy all the perks you would’ve otherwise by going into a ground based casino but without the negative aspects. All you have to do in order to play the games is to have a mobile phone.

If you have internet access, you can bet in real time and play for money on one of the numerous websites which are providing this service, or you can simply download the games directly to your mobile device.

By downloading the games, you can play them whenever, wherever you want without Internet access. Of course, you won’t be able to gamble, but to each his own. If you like slot machines for what they are, excluding the money, this is heaven for you!

There is no shortage of websites which offer pokie games. Even if you don’t know them by name, just by searching the term ”Online Pokies” in Google, you will find everything you need. But just in case, here are the top three websites you might want to visit – JackPot City Casino, Royal Vegas Casino, All Slots Casino.

Did you ever catch yourself, while walking into a huge ground-based casino, ”Oh my god, look at how many slot machines are there.” If you have, you will be amazed at how much you’ve, in fact, been missing out. There are literally hundreds of different slot machine games online. You will never find yourself bored due to lack of diversity, so go on and explore.

The most popular online casino games

Humans loved gambling for ages now; there is evidence of civilizations enjoying dice and similar games for millenniums, so it’s no wonder the game is alive and well today. As Romans played dice and cowboys played poker, we have grown to love poker machines and casinos in our century. With the invention of the internet, the game of gamble has changed significantly and became more available than ever.

Playing online is possible for everyone having an Internet connection and a credit card and there are thousands of online casinos to welcome you as long as you are willing to play. So, what games should you play first?

Slot machines – invented around one hundred years ago, slot machines were the first step in making gambling fun and entertaining for the masses. Introduced as a side pass time in pubs and casinos, these devices allowed players to gamble or indulge in some harmless pokies while having a beer or two.

With time they evolved in many different directions, covering more different games, video poker as well as many other video games. Today, they are still beloved and often found in their old spots, untainted by the popularity of the online media. You can find all the best slot games online, too!

Roulette – popular both in real life and as an online casino game, spinning wheel and jumping ball are the staple trademarks of any casino. The first thing to pop up in your mind when the casinos are mentioned is usually the iconic roulette! Both online and actual version are still alive and kicking, making this game one of the most popular to play. Make sure to try your luck spinning the wheel at least once, at least to put it all on black. Or red.

Poker – the game of wit, patience, and intellect. Poker is not for the faint of heart. The game is known for its tense vibe as well as incredible winnings you can take home if you play your cards well. This is the game that favors the brave, the smart and the cool. If you think you’ve got all these qualities, it would be a shame If you didn’t give it a chance. Every online casino will surely offer at least one or two classic poker games and usually much more for you to enjoy! Good luck.

Blackjack – another trademark for the casino is the traditional game of blackjack. Draw cards until you reach 21 to beat the house and double your investment. The game is so easy and fun to play that it is only natural that it has become the most played casino game ever. You must love it since it has been portrayed in so many movies, plays and music videos. It’s what gentlemen play. Every online casino will offer blackjack and often offer several variations to the game with added bonuses and twist to make the experience even more fun.

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